Who we are

AGENSO is an innovative research and development company specializing in the fields of smart cities, agriculture and the environment. The company’s staff consists of a team of more than 20 highly trained and specialized people in agriculture, IoT services, software development and automation, as well as information and communication technologies.

Using modern technologies, AGENSO develops innovative systems and smart devices, smart agriculture, water management and irrigation systems, as well as circular economy systems, which can be used by everyone to implement sustainable management, tackle climate change, support the primary production sector and improve energy efficiency.

The company, through its participation in more than 25 European and National research projects, has managed to attract several funds for research and development (R&D). At the center of these projects is “AccelWater”, which is coordinated by AGENSO and is implemented by 17 organizations in 4 European countries, having as its main objective the improvement of water efficiency in the food and beverage industry.

The company gained significant recognition in 2020, when it was included by the Startups Insight Platform as one of the 5 fastest growing startups in the field of modern integrated agricultural solutions, among a total of more than 1,116,000 startups worldwide, mainly due to the smart irrigation system that it has developed (ardeusi.gr).

AGENSO’s partner network consists of more than 400 private and public entities in Greece and abroad, including industries, municipalities, educational and research institutions.

AGENSO’s success, as well as its comparative advantage, is based on the dynamic systems it has developed that enables its solutions to interact with each other in real time through a cloud computing infrastructure.